Water is the engine of economies, civilization and life. Management of water in America is a problem now. There are three lakes in California that will soon be gone and the Great Lakes are at the lowest levels ever recorded. There are no simple one shot solutions. We must all participate personally and communally.


                    Here are 3 simple steps that can significantly reduce outdoor water waste. 

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An irrigation system operates in a dynamic environment. An audit provides information about the current operating condition of your system. That information is compared to either industry or regulatory requirements and together we can make a future action plan.

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In 2009 the California Department of Water Resource issued the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance or MWELO. These guidelines are a rich resource for landscape design, site preparation, irrigation design and budgeting. One of the requirement is a third party MWELO compliance audit at completion.  

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The key to long term efficient use of water in the landscape is Irrigation Management. Our experience has shown that this is best accomplish by third party oversite.