Sustainability is smart business. Sustainability insures that not only are there resources for production and operation but that there is a long term improvement in the financial performance of your company. Sustainability has a proven record of higher returns on assets and equity. Every project requires skills, knowledge, and teamwork. So let's meet some of the new members of your sustainability team.

JAMES PAINE- Architectural Design & Sustainability Consultant-LEED and BPI

"My passion always begins in the design phase of all projects and it continues to the end of the actual built product. Customer satisfaction is very important to me and many of my clients continue to request my professional service for other project developments.".

JASON SCHEURER- Professor of Environmental Building Science, Buildings Energy Science Training (BEST ) Energy Coach, emPower Central Coast Program BPI- Quality Control Inspector|Energy Auditor|Super Proctor BIG- Green Point Rater- New/Existing Homes Buildings NCI- CO Combustion Specialist | Air Balancing/HVAC System Performance Technician.

In 2008 Jason took his craft to a new level and with his own money and industry contacts built the greenest home in Orange County. The three story Huntington Beach home, within walking distant of the beach, includes centralized computer controlled environmental monitoring, fully insulated walls and ceiling.  

"We are dedicated to assisting building designers, constructors, and operators toward designing, constructing, and operating more energy efficient and sustainable buildings. Our goals are to lower utility consumption and provide a comfortable living and working environment. to work with you to achieve a healthy, energy-efficient home and work place."

JOHN OUDYK-Landscape and Irrigation Designer

Proper design and implementation are the keys to a beautiful landscape that enhances both the property it frames and the environment. Having the right plant in the right place makes more effective and efficient use of all resources.

JOE FRISBIE- Building Envelope Analyst, Green Plumber, Landscape and Water Auditor

Sustainability simply makes sense. Sustainability is the first step in a processes to blending technology with the efficiencies of nature. We must move to a regenerative processes if we are going to feed, house and support the next generation. In the not too distant future sustainability will become ubiquitous and indispensable to our everyday lives.

Sustainability and regenerative processes are essential functions of landscapes and athletic venues including golf courses. These sites are all extensions of the natural environment. By restoring the natural function of the soil you can eliminate almost all needs for petrol-chemical fertilizers and pesticides and reduce water usage by 40-50% without giving up field performance or aesthetics.